Networked change

Networked change: reinventing advocacy campaigns to win in the 21st century

Practical workshop with international guests Jason Mogus and Tom Liacas
11.00am – 4.30pm Monday 5th June

Today’s breakthrough campaigns capitalise on new channels of power and supporter engagement. Integrating the principles of “directed-network campaigning” into your advocacy approaches is a shortcut towards generating much greater impact with your existing resources.

Drawing upon lessons from high-impact case studies such as the Bernie Sanders grassroots mobilisation machine, the global climate movement and the Fightfor15, this half-day training will outline the strategic patterns common to all modern campaigns that punch well above their weight. At the end of this session, participants will come away with concrete plans for implementing leading-edge campaigning practices into their operations and will be aware of the new skills and resources required to do so.

The training has been designed to give you a thorough understanding of:

These learnings are drawn from years of work studying the strategies and practices that lie behind today’s most dynamic organisations and campaigns. The latest research, recently published as the Networked Change Report, has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Third Sector in the U.K and presented at conferences such as the Personal Democracy Forum and Netroots Nation.

What tools and skills can I expect to learn?

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